Men’s Sex Care.

Men’s Care Department

Sexual Dysfunction Diagnostic Introduction

It merges neurology, psychology, theory of automatic control, ultrasonic technology and computer-automatic digital display technology in one. It also possesses such detection methods as psychological evaluation, electrophysiological nerve examination, Doppler ultrasonic blood examination, nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) Record . which can be widely used in male sexual dysfunction detected.

Examination Range

The instrument is applied to the clinical diagnosis of psychological sexual dysfunction, neurological dysfunction, vascular and other organic sexual dysfunction.
Penile Nerve Conduction Test.
Physical and Physho Analysis
Penile Doppler Study (for arteries veins structure changes)


Excitement Signal Evaluation System & Autometic Sperm Collector (Masturbating Machine)

Male Sexual Dysfunction Therapeutic

Vacuum Negative Pressure Suction

The vacuum attraction acts upon penis that can promote arterial vasodilatation of penis and the circulation, improve and balance the level of testosterone secretion, activate erectile nerves, increase blood volume of penis cavernosum and albugineas thickness, improve the fibrous tissue of penis root, so that enlarges penis, make erection lasting and strong. At the same time, under the effect of vacuum attraction, it can activate blood stasis, force prostate gland duct to open passively, suck glandular inflammatory secretions and metabolites out, so as to alleviate stress of prostate body, make blood circulation smooth and glandular recover to be normal

NPT Records (Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Recorder)

While the patient is sleeping, the HOLIER box will record the times, persistent period, rigidity, length, circumference of penis when it erects and the change of blood volume. The corresponding images of diagnostic result can be created automatically by connecting with computer, to help doctors fix on the erectile dysfunction style of the patient, which is the most effective method to distinguish psychological erectile dysfunction and organic erectile dysfunction.