Dropping (“Jaryan”Dhant”)

Dropping (“Jaryan”Dhant”)


Some youngsters complain of the dribbling of a few drops after urination. This is probably due to the few drops of urine remaining in the urethra and they should be guided accordingly. An easy method of handling this problem is to press the urethra after urination, starting at the root of the penis and then continuing forward to the tip; repeat this process two or three times, then dry the penis with toilet paper or wash with water. After that there will be no problem.

At times there is no actual dribbling and these youngster only have the “feeling” that drops are coming out, because on examination neither do they feel wetness nor any smell. This is a psychological condition and is called an “obsession” and if this is very marked and causes worry, they should go to a psychiatrist for proper treatment.

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