Best Sexologist in Karachi

Dr. Aslam Naveed
Qualified Well Experienced Sexologist
M.D. Ph.D. Sexology (MED. ALT.) OIUCM.

He is a well-known sexologist in Pakistan. He has treated more than one lac patient in the last 32 years in his clinical practice in sexology at men’s care clinics. He has been honored with Anton Award at International Congress at OIUCM as “The Best Sexologist in Alternative Medicines”. He deals in all kinds of male sexual disorders such as “Erectile dysfunction/Impotency, Premature ejaculation/ Rapid ejaculation, Infertility, Low libido” etc. Patients suffering from Arterial insufficiency or Venous leakage, hormonal imbalance, or psychological issues causing low stamina/ timing issues in sex all are treated with excellent results.

Dr. Mujahid Farooq
Experienced Sex Therapist
MBBS (RMP) Registered Medical Practitioner

Dr. Mujahid Farooq Served in Men’s Care Clinics for more than 2 years and served thousands of patients facing problems related to Sex such as Decreased Sex drive, Dropping issues, Night-fall, Unsustained Erection, low Stamina and Reduced Latency time, ED (Erectile Dysfunction)/ Impotency, PE (Premature Ejaculation)/ RE (Rapid Ejaculation), His specialty is Pre-Marriage Counseling, Post-Marriage Counseling, Behavior Therapy for Sexual Problems, Couple Counseling for couples having problem in their sex life. He has been teaching medical students in China for 7 years from 2013-2020, and Published a Bilingual Physiology Text Book in 2015 for medical students chapters including “Male reproduction, Endocrinology & Respiratory System”.

Men’s Care Clinics is Unique and well-equipped with Modern Diagnostic & Therapeutic Technology. Offering Pre-Post Marriage Counseling, Treatment of Male Sexual Disorders, Infertility & Obesity for the last 32 years with more than 95% Satisfied Patients.

OPD & Online Consultation is available at Men’s Care Clinics.

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