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September 16, 2017



People who reach their twenties or thirties start to worry about the fact that the intensity of the sexual feelings as well as the strength of the erection, is not as much as it was during adolescence. It must be remembered that whereas a man remains fertile and sexually competent all his life, even if he attains the age of a hundred years, but there is a diminution of the intensity of the sex drive as the age progresses and this is a normal physiological fact of life and nothing to worry about.

The greatest storm of sexual desire comes in the ages between 15 to 20 years of age, after that it subsides somewhat, and with the passage of years, it goes down gradually, although a normal man will always remains capable of sexual intercourse, as well as, retain the ability to produce children.

A similar example can be seen in the field of sports. Most members of the national sports teams are about 20 years of age. As soon as they cross 25 it is felt by that they are not as efficient as before and therefore very few people remain in the first class international sports above the age of 30. This is not only to say that they are paralyzed after that or cannot work or can not play or can not do the ordinary chores of life, but this points only to the fact that a man at 30 years is not as efficient, physically and otherwise, as he was at the age of 20 years and this is something that is normal, acceptable and universal. Therefore, if this physiological decrease occurs it is no cause for worry. A man of 30 or more can still perform sexual intercourse adequately, marry, have children and do all the things that a normal man is required to do.


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    November 25, 2017

    Great! We need to take care of our healthy more.

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