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May 7, 2019


Semen Leakage (جریان)

Semen and a white thin prostatic discharge oozes from the penis, specially in unmarried youngsters, whenever they are sexually exited, either due to sexual thoughts or reading sexual materials or seeing sexual films, or being in the company of the opposite sex. This is as much a normal physiological response as the process of salivation on seeing tasty food. However, our youngsters are mortally afraid of this, because our traditional hakeems and other quacks call this a very dangerous condition and give it the name of “Jarian”. They say that it cause sexual ill-health as well as physical ill-health and this worries our youngsters very much. It is even stated that every drop of semen is more precious than blood. The age old formula goes like this: 100 drops of milk are equal to one drop of ghee, 100 drop ghee are equal to one drop of blood and 100 drops of blood are equal to one drop of semen.

Some people can get quite a copious discharge in this manner while others discharge less, in either case there is no cause for concern, whether it is prostatic discharge or actual semen oozing out, both these secretions are meant to be discharged on the outside, just as urine is meant to be discharged outside or salvia is discharged in the mouth and if we spit it out many times a day no health problem will result; in fact if this discharge does not occur in sexual excitation then that is something abnormal and not the other way round.

Some times this discharge occurs at getting up in the morning, before, during, or after urination, and/or defecation and that also does not have any pathological significance. Connected with this is another matter that worries that youngster and that is the thinking that this discharge causes pollution of their clothes and bodies, and that washing of the clothes and bathing of the body is necessary for performing prayer. This is definitely not so. Whereas bathing is necessary when semen is forcefully ejected, as in sexual intercourse, masturbation, or nocturnal ejaculation, however after oozing of this discharge, just washing the penis is enough, and bathing is not required. Moreover, it must be remembered that semen is considered clean by many scholars of Islam and no washing or cleaning of it is needed even for offering prayers. The other scholars who differ from this point of view also consider semen as very minor pollutant and they advise that if semen is dried up on a cloth it should be just rubbed off and if it is wet and the spot can be seen, a little water can be sprinkled on the spot and that should be enough to purify the clothes. Certainly semen is not considered as great a pollutant as urine and faces etc. which required complete washing of the body or the garment more than three times.

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